Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paleo Cube Steak


I was in the mood for an old comfort food that my mom used to make, Cube Steak. She would cover the meat in flour and cook and then add more flour and make gravy. Yummy! I found a recipe for Paleo Cube Steak and I must say, it turned out pretty good. I of course found this on the internet because recipe creation is not my thing.

This is not an exact recipe, so just mix things together until you get a good taste.

Paleo Cube Steak

Beef Round Steak
Herbs and Spices (I used oregano, basil, a little Italian Seasoning, garlic salt and pepper)
Olive Oil
Grapeseed Oil (to cook with)

Combine approximately 1/4 cup of the almonds and the herbs and spices (just add generous pinches of everything) with a splash or two of the olive oil in a food processor. Mix until it is the consistency of bread crumbs. Coat the meat with the mixture. *I had to make the mixture 3 times to coat all of my meat, so you might need to put more almonds, herbs and spices so that you don't have to make multiple batches. But I had A LOT of meat.

Heat a few tablespoons of the grapeseed oil in a skillet over med-high heat. Cook the meat for 3-5 min on each side. Let the meat rest for 3 min before serving.

Happy Eating!